Nope hope

It is said that hope dies last. But what happens, when you lost all the hope you had? Will you be alive? What will happen with your existence after you lose all the lights of hope for a nice tomorrow? A world without hope. Where did she disappear? Maybe she is lost in time. Maybe she was died. Will she ever return back from the underground? Maybe is life the same as autumn. We are the beautiful trees with many letters. Any letter is a piece of hope. And when will be the life on the end, all the hope will fall from our shoulders down. But what happened, if you lost all the letters  before it comes to an end? When will be the end of autumn? Will we live until the end of our lives in a cold and snowy winter?


Once upon the time, there was a woman, who lost all her hope.  Long days and longer nights she was thinking about how easy we can lost all the things that we love. Just one moment and everything can fall down like a house from cards. Every day she turned back in to the past to find out where was the problem. What mistake did she do? Would it change the situation if it were maintained differently? Long nights and longer days she was asking herself if there was a logical explanation for all things that happened. She never find out. If everything in your life goes bad, who is responsible for it? Are we really not able to keep our destiny in our hands, even if we are making everything what we can? Does exist a life after destroyed dreams? The life was like a bad dream. Nothing can bring her the really good feeling, even not things, that was usually for her very funny and lovely. She started drinking. Every day she was trying to find the hope in a glass of wine or Russian vodka. On the beginning she feel, that alcohol brings her good mode. After one and a half month she find out, that alcohol brings her nothing more than feeling disgusted with her own personality. Every time she looked in mirror, she feel more broken.  One day the hope was returned back, when the woman received a message from somebody, who she´s really loved. It was empty. And that empty message was the absolutely last letter on her tree. Autumn was on the end. How long can take a winter? Is it possible to alive the spring again? Maybe will be the winter ends earlier as we think. Sometime is hope there, where we are not searching for it. And so can come the days when all the people who lost their hope will find it again.

On the same day when the woman lost her hope, happened something awesome. She don´t knew why, but she choose to do a step forward and fight with all the fear from change. The whole life was this woman interested to meet primary older people, because she thought, that she had nothing to say to younger people. And that was the first day of the spring. He showed her that everything she had feared so far was actually what made her happy. Somewhere very deep under the ground, she found a new type of hope, that was much more powerful and bright as all the hope before. Somewhither on a scary place she found life there, where others left him. And so, she was full of positive prospects for the future on an old cemetery in a historical city very far from her home but very near to her soul. And so find this woman the hope again.  


It's not about finding new love, or searching for new reasons to live. It´s all about to find the small and lovely moments, that will make the life beautiful. No matter how hard is our life currently, there will be every time many great moments, when will be the life beautiful. And maybe it was not losing of hope - but just scare from a change. Sometimes we are not so opened to start new things. We are afraid to do the first step forward. Everyone want to feel safe. Maybe is the only way to have a full-featured life to do some risk. Maybe our life is the same as the seasons. It depends to us if we choose a life on a beach with a drink in hand and party around, or if we want to spend the whole life in a dark and cold hut in mountains.

P.S: For all people that are afraid - don´t be! Maybe is the happiness very near - just do the step forward! :)

P.S: Dedicated to Daniel! Thank you! :)